Podcast, Saturday, July 7, 2018

Flood Bros Disposal presents The Skinny & Houli Show and this week we make Irish American Radio History by combining all three Hibernian Transmedia programs in ONE HOUR at the Irish American Heritage Center. We are honored to have as our very special guests Eimear Arkins and Eileen Gannon. Eimear is our musical guest on this year’s Skinny & Houli Ireland Trip, The Craic Tour 2018 with Geno Cooney and Houli and she kicks off this wonderful show tonight with some very impressive lilting of “The Crooked Road to Dublin”. Eimear and Eileen were on their way to the Catskills Irish Fest. Both of these young ladies are accomplished Irish musicians and put on a master class in entertaining an audience, especially when Eimear sings the great Percy French tune, “The Darling Girl From Clare”, especially for our friend Monica McGuane. Eimear is just astounding with her singing as well as being a lovely and charming young lady. Then Bill and Paddy Houlihan sit in for their show, “The Houli’s Hooley”, which is normally broadcast on Saturday nights on WSBC from 7-8PM and they bring their usual wisecracking humor to the mix asking the ladies if they can do any “Pearl Jam”. After that, along with more music from Eimear and Eileen, along comes the one and only Geno Cooney, President of the Heritage Center, to join Houli for “The Craic” radio show, which is normally heard on WSBC from 8-9PM every Saturday night. Don’t miss this great moment in radio history, and you have to tune in, if only to hear Eimear Arkins sing “The Darlin’ Girl From Clare”. Join us in Ireland October 11-18th for the time of your life. For more info call Mary Weibler at 800-624-8338! Or go online at www.grouptripsandtravel.com

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