Podcast: July 30, 2011

Skinny & Houli taped live at the Catholic Charities golf outing earlier in the week out at Cog Hill in Lemont. Tune in as the lads perform their show amidst 400 golfers eating and drinking after the day of golf. Skinny and Houli spent all day on the 14th hole for a par 3 challenge of “Beat Skinny & Houli” to raise money for Catholic Charities. Among the guests on the show are Catholic Charities honchos Monsignor Mike Boland and Jim Ryan, as well as a visit from Chicago defense attorney Rick Beuke who represented police commander Jon Burge in the “torture trial” that electrified the nation. No time for “Who Cares” this week with so many guests but that’s okay because, “Who Cares?” This is great radio!


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