Podcast Saturday May 12, 2018

Flood Brothers Disposal present The Skinny & Houli Show and this week we welcome back our old friend, President and Founder of The Irish American Business Network, John Richards. Calling in from Orange County California where he started the IABN with some ex-pats in their local pub, “where all good ideas” have started.  That was ten years ago and today “we are knocking on the door of 16,000 members in 26 different countries”. The group is made up of folks from all walks of life, the only requirement is being Irish or from the Irish diaspora, and they come together every day online to help each other with jobs, business advice, entertainment tips, and just about everything else to do good, and that includes a variety of charitable causes they support. The IABN is the best of what being Irish is all about. Chicagoland has over a thousand members, Dublin more than four thousand, and the IABN has 13 chapters covering just about every major metropolitan area. John says “We’re the last of the truly grass roots organizations in the country doing good.” During the show Skinny & Houli started lobbying John to become the official IABN radio show. It could happen! All our listeners are encouraged to learn more and join by visiting www.iabn.net. John has been running the IABN for ten years and they don’t charge anything for membership or joining, all those connections for free because we’re all Irish. Not a bad deal, but they do need help to keep going, so visit their go fund me page to kick in to help HERE. The Skinny & Houli Show is proud to be associated with IABN and we’ll keep you all updated on Chicago events and a potential meetup soon in Ireland. Also this week on “Who Died?” the lads lament the untimely passing of Houli’s favorite saloon owner Jackie Casto, (his mother was a Murphy), with some intimate stories of Action Jackson, our old pal. God rest his lovely soul. Great show this week, tune in!

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