Podcast: April 8, 2017

Flood Bros. Disposal presents The Skinny & Houli Show and the lads open the show with a recap of the great play performed last week at the IAHC, that included a final curtain plug for Cyril Regan himself! Then we welcome writer Larry Norris, author of “The Brown and White” his spot-on memoir of his freshman year at Mt. Carmel in 1968. Filled with nostalgia and a variety of old school stories, including the “tough guy” index so popular on the south side in those days, this book is a terrific look back for anybody who grew up attending Catholic high schools. Larry was also a pupil of Skinny’s mother when she was teaching at St. Cajetan’s back in the day, and Skinny favors us with some stories of his mom kicking butt when adolescent boys got out of line, both at home and in her classrooms. Larry runs Sporting Chance Press publishing books about athletics and faith and discusses one of his current best sellers, The Ten Commandments of Baseball! Our old pal from Athlone, Dan Daly, drops by to talk about his plans for his upcoming nightclub in the South Loop, “Armstrongs”. Then the lads listen to an old chestnut on tape of the late, great storyteller from Ireland Eamonn Kelly, as he unspools a very funny, bawdy story of the “Tea Man” in the old country. Great stuff on this one, check it out!

About Mike Houlihan

Mike Houlihan is the writer and star of the independent feature film “Tapioca,” also starring Ben Vereen and Tim Kazurinsky.. Mike began his professional career in show business 36 years ago as an apprentice actor with the American Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford, Ct. Mike Houlihan is Chicago’s own “triple threat” writer, producer, and performer whose talents have earned him the respect and confidence of our media community. He is a former weekly features columnist for The Chicago Sun-Times, “Houli in ’da Hood,” and since 1996 has written his humor column in The Irish American News, “Hooliganism.”


  1. Terry Stadler, '65 says


    I just listened to your podcast for the first time. I did so, since the Class of 1965 had invited Larry to our bi-monthly Class Gathering at the Cork & Kerry Pub last month on March 22.

    You guys are true Southside guys! Casual, slow, with fantastic memories and stories! although, myself was, and always will be a southeast side guy (St. Felicitas, ’61).

    Larry, thanks for bring up our Class of 1965 Stories/Memoirs honoring our five classmates who died in Viet Nam. Our class from Carmel had the most guys die in that war than another class. So, as I told you on March 22, we wanted to honor them all, especially as the 50th anniversaries of their deaths are upon us. Thanks again!

    I’ll forward the podcast link to Neil Maas and Terry Mulcahy, my 1965 classmates, since they were mentioned during the show.

    One last thought, you all can look up the Book Review that John Potocki and I wrote about Larry’s Book, The Brown and White in the next edition of the Carmel – Life Magazine that is due out soon.

    Go Caravan,

    Terry Stadler

  2. Thanks Terry!

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