Podcast: Nov. 30, 2013

It’s the Skinny & Houli Thanksgiving weekend show and the lads welcome the inimitable Boz O’Brien, proprietor of the legendary saloon Reilly’s Daughter as Boz talks up the re-appearance of Johnny Lattner’s 1953 Heisman Trophy at Reilly’s in Midway airport for the next several weeks. Skinny, Houli, and Boz all trade stories about Lattner thru the years and these are some gems. Then Skinny’s sister Mary Dunne drops by to tell us of her involvement in the Natasha McShane case. It all started when Mary loaned the family her St. Oliver Plunkett relic when Natasha was first in the hospital in Chicago. Great stories here as well. We finish up with a tape of Boz’s son Brendan O’Brien giving the farewell toast on their last night in Ireland for the Skinny & Houli Tour. This show is a feast that won’t leave you feeling stuffed.
Happy Thanksgiving!


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