Podcast: Nov. 12, 2011

Skinny and Houli welcome their old friend Peter Nolan to the show to talk about his book, “Campaign!” Nolan is a retired broadcast journalist who covered politics in Chicago and found his stories in the back alleys, basements, and kitchens of Chicago.

His award winning work at NBC and CBS in Chicago made him a familiar figure to audiences and he parlayed his political savvy to write the definitive comedy about Chicago politics, THE 51ST WARD, which was a huge hit in 1985 on the Off-Loop circuit. Nolan’s new book, due out just in time for Christmas, tells the inside story of the mayoral campaign of 1983 when Rich Daley, Jane Byrne, and Harold Washington battled for the fifth floor.

Tune in for some lessons in “retail” politics and then hang around for some Who Cares? and Who Died? Good show!

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