Podcast: Oct. 8, 2011

Skinny preps for Sunday’s Chicago Marathon, his 40th and “last”, he says. Houli will spend marathon day on the couch “where God intended!” Pulitzer Prize winning investigative reporter and retired Tribune scribe Bill Crawford makes a guest appearance on the show and drops a bomb on Northwestern University defrocked professor David Protess and his Project Innocence. Crawford gives us the real dope on the dirty dealings of this group. Turns out the project ain’t so innocent. It’s a unique Skinny & Houli Show “special” that helps break this story of murder, greed, and politics in Chicago. Lots of fun with “Who Cares?’ and our new feature spotlight on an old Irish song featuring the Saw Doctors. Tune in today or save it for later like a great candy bar you stash in your bag as you download the podcast of The Skinny & Houli Show!


About Mike Houlihan

Mike Houlihan is the writer and star of the independent feature film “Tapioca,” also starring Ben Vereen and Tim Kazurinsky.. Mike began his professional career in show business 36 years ago as an apprentice actor with the American Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford, Ct. Mike Houlihan is Chicago’s own “triple threat” writer, producer, and performer whose talents have earned him the respect and confidence of our media community. He is a former weekly features columnist for The Chicago Sun-Times, “Houli in ’da Hood,” and since 1996 has written his humor column in The Irish American News, “Hooliganism.”

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