An update, Pal!

Hi everybody, your old friend Mike Houlihan here and thanks for visiting our website once again. One of the great pleasures of doing The Skinny & Houli Show, the voice of the Chicago Irish community, is all the laughs we have along the way. Skinny and I are definitely having fun and the fact that YOU are out there listening makes it a party.

We’ve really started to click with the show in terms of getting our podcasts up as fast as possible and our Social Network guru Scott Winteroth deserves a big shout-out for that.

We’re heading into the summer and looking forward to running into a lot of you along the way as we continue to promote the Irish community in Chicago and all the good being done in the hood by our friends. Whenever somebody needs help you can count on Chicago’s Irish American community to extend the hand of friendship, whether it’s through fundraising at a benefit, promoting the work of our musicians and artists, helping one of our own get elected, or just lifting a glass from across the room and saluting a friend.

Speaking of which, our pal Mike “Pickle” Joyce was recently honored by Leo High School as their “Man of The Year”. Pickle is the boxing coach at Leo and an impresario of the squared circle who has helped a ton of kids from Leo as they learned the sweet science. Pickle promises to bring boxer and NFL standout from the Baltimore Ravens Tommy Zbikowski to our show soon. Tommy if I misspelled your name, sorry. That must be why everybody just calls you “Tommy Z”!

As the weather gets warmer I’ve thought about doing The Skinny & Houli Show nude, just to see if those of you in the audience would notice. But our producers shot down that idea. Why, I don’t know.

Please remember to spend money with our sponsors if you can. We’re hoping the Illinois Legislature wakes up and passes the slot machine law so our pals at Hawthorne Racecourse can hire another thousand people. And if you are a mayor or village manager please consider getting in touch with Flood Brothers Disposal for a quote on your garbage removal. When you win the LOTTO you’ll need a truck to carry all that cash for you so be sure to get in touch with our pal Kevin Reidy at O’Rourke Cartage for all your trucking needs. And don’t forget to book your parties at Jack Desmond’s Irish Pub at 103rd and Ridgeland in Chicago Ridge. We’re working on ideas for a south side shindig for our audience at Desmond’s in the near future. And don’t forget Lizzie McNeill’s down on the river. Skinny and I are there most Friday nights.

I’m going to start walking for exercise now that the snow is gone so if you see me along the lakefront or bicycling along the DesPlaines River please say hi. If I’m moving by real fast just shout out, “Who Cares?” and I’ll know you’re a “Skinny & Houli Show” listener! It’s great to hear from folks who listen to the show so don’t be shy if you see me in a tavern. By all means introduce yourselves and of course I’d be happy to have you buy me a drink. God Bless You All and Thanks for Listening!

About Mike Houlihan

Mike Houlihan is the writer and star of the independent feature film “Tapioca,” also starring Ben Vereen and Tim Kazurinsky.. Mike began his professional career in show business 36 years ago as an apprentice actor with the American Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford, Ct. Mike Houlihan is Chicago’s own “triple threat” writer, producer, and performer whose talents have earned him the respect and confidence of our media community. He is a former weekly features columnist for The Chicago Sun-Times, “Houli in ’da Hood,” and since 1996 has written his humor column in The Irish American News, “Hooliganism.”

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