St. Patrick’s Day update

Hi everybody, hope you all had a great St. Patrick’s Day and I also hope nobody spent it in the Emergency Room. Hey that sounds like a great name for a bar. “Honey, I’m gonna be late getting’ home, I’m in the Emergency Room!”

Skinny and I are thrilled to be sponsored by those incredible guys at Flood Brothers Disposal and Hawthorne Racecourse. Lately our friend Tim Desmond of Jack Desmond’s Irish Pub in Chicago Ridge has also joined us as a sponsor. Without these guys there would be no show so please have them pick up your garbage, play the ponies, and drink at their saloon.

St. Patrick’s Day marks the beginning of spring and we are looking forward to the best seasons in Chicago. Remember if you miss the show on a Saturday afternoon you can always come here to download the podcasts. Our friend Missy Higgins even downloads it to her iPod, which is a fun idea.

We’ve just started pre-recording the show every Friday night because we found a studio to tape downtown and hope it’s more convenient for our guests. So look for more guests to come on the show. Don’t worry we’ll still be almost up to the minute on the Chicago pulse because we’ll just be a few hours ahead of ourselves.

However, please don’t anybody die on Saturday morning or late Friday nights because we won’t be able to announce it on the show. So hang in there for a couple days and we’ll make sure to give everybody news on your wake on our “Who Died?” segments. Speaking of segments, we’re looking for some sound effects for our “Who Cares?” segment; so if anybody has any tape of hyenas laughing or celebrities gnashing their teeth, please get in touch.

Skinny and I are also exploring a new segment; “Mope Watch” which would will shine some light on the antics of some of our local politicians.

Coming up this Saturday afternoon, (March 19th) is a guest appearance by our old friend and Chicago Sun-Times political reporter Abdon Pallasch. Ab’s folks are from the old country and he’ll bring stories of that as well as his unique analysis to The Skinny & Houli Show. So join us! And Thanks for listening. See ‘ya later, bye!

About Mike Houlihan

Mike Houlihan is the writer and star of the independent feature film “Tapioca,” also starring Ben Vereen and Tim Kazurinsky.. Mike began his professional career in show business 36 years ago as an apprentice actor with the American Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford, Ct. Mike Houlihan is Chicago’s own “triple threat” writer, producer, and performer whose talents have earned him the respect and confidence of our media community. He is a former weekly features columnist for The Chicago Sun-Times, “Houli in ’da Hood,” and since 1996 has written his humor column in The Irish American News, “Hooliganism.”

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