Hello Again!

Houli and I are extremely happy to announce that the Skinny and Houli Show will return to the Chicago airways on Chicago’s very own WCEV AM.  After a couple of months off, we have some fresh, new content and a second stab at making you laugh.  Once again, we’ll open our Rolodexs and drag in a few of our friends for an hour of on-air conversation.

The one thing I love most about being on Chicago radio is the fact that we can really highlight some of the amazing people from both my community and from the whole City. Best of all, we can have some fun doing it while we show you who is “doing good in the ‘hood.”   There are some truly amazing individuals out there who really work hard to make Chicago the world-class city it is.  I love Chicago and I look forward to you joining us at our new time, spot on Saturdays at 3PM.   Be sure to check back for updates and join our facebook fan page!

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